what is life…

i’m an overcomer yall!

 i have defeated jetlag in a record of three days which is pretty awesome considering the rule of jetlag is add a day of recovery for every time zone you cross. which i am not 100% how many i crossed but i am pretty sure its more than three.

anyway, there is so much i want to write about that its been really overwhelming getting all my thoughts in order- should i do one post or keep posting every little detail about denmark because a month is a long time. i’ve rewritten and rewritten “life updates” “all about europe” and “omg i am moving in a little over a month” basically i want to verbally throw up all thats on my plate because we didn’t just get back from a month long trip but we are moving to hawaii in 40 something days…so i am going to try to do a life update in about 10ish sentences (warning run-ons might be present- sue me)- here we go.

DENMARK + NORWAY: beyond amazing, one of the most refreshing and joyful trips i have ever taken. that part of the world is extra beautiful its unfair.

MOVING: since we don’t have plane tickets, housing or really anything except sheer determination that we will be there by december, i am feeling a little crazy but also feeling super hopeful.

FEELINGS: feeling sad getting rid of so much stuff, we are limiting our packing to 5 storage bins. its shown me how much i have invested in materialistic stuff, who knows i might just become a minimalist after this.

CHRISTMAS: since we don’t have a home yet in hawaii i am seriously considering putting up the christmas tree up just incase we can’t go full out in decorations this year or worse have to get rid of christmas decorations before moving or is that too crazy?

BLOG: coming soon the return of the happy list and books she reads- yay! i’ve been reading a lot AND i’ve been extra happy about stuff so get ready its gonna get wild up in here.


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  1. Loved your last post. I am excited to see what God has planned on this next journey. And I love the return of your joy, it is refreshing. I am still hopeful that we will be in Kona with you in December. :)))))


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