hey you, it was your birthday.

husband had a birthday, hooray!

his birthday was last week and surprisingly was in denmark. our trip got extended so instead of the small birthday festivities i was planning back home things got switched up and we had to improvise the birthday celebration, roll with the punches right?

a few days before since i knew i didn’t have much for his actual birthday i prayed really hard that God would do something super special on his birthday. God never disappoints especially when He gets to lavish love on his children, i love God. seth woke up that morning to speak at a conference, before the conference started they presented him an amazing gift: art museum tickets featuring the monet collection (husband LOVES art)- God is awesome at birthdays point one.

after he spoke someone took us out to eat at the nicest italian restaurant. the noodles were homemade, the food was amazing and to top it off…husband LOVES italian food- God is awesome at birthdays point two.

God is awesome at birthday’s point three- we met up with some friends who cooked us an amazing home cooked meal (rare while traveling), had the best company and felt completely loved by them. my worry that seth wouldn’t feel extra loved and support by friends was proven to be a silly fear because God provided perfect friends to celebrate the life of one incredible human being.

Seriously my gift of an iphone was nothing compared to the amazing gifts God gave seth on his birthday.

anyway all that to say: husband, happy birthday. i love celebrating life but i extra love celebrating the life of someone who is my world. you are incredible, i love you. i love your life. lets be married forever so i can keep celebrating you!


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