mass clean out: part one 

Today is the day I start cleaning out the apartment in preparation to move! It’s so amazing all the stuff you can collect in a year and half and more amazing the feelings you can feel saying adios to junk. 

As all the minimalist gurus say “don’t be attached to your stuff. Less is more” listen, I’m really trying to believe you here. But the fact of the matter is I’m already attached to my stuff so it’s not so easy to just let go. This supposedly “freeing lifestyle” seems a little more like a messy break-up. 

Okay okay rant over. All that to say I found some funny things that I want to share, one being this: 

I made this journal right after we got engaged. My plan was to write down all my wedding dreams in here and have a cute handmade journal to place them all in. I was going to have the wedding photographer take a photo of it making it super artsy and tell my kids down the road how awesome I am at planning stuff…However I didn’t take into account I’m type B personality and organization is the last thing I am concerned about which equals this: a cute wedding planning book that is completely empty. 

I also found this while cleaning out: 

my medals I won in high school…winnings from all the academic competition I participated in because I don’t work out, I read. #NERD not even cool into science fiction stuff just straight up I love academic stuff nerd. 

Last but not least, this nice photo is from my 16 year old self diary- which if she knew I was sharing this online she would kill me. 

Yes, my first ever self hair dying experience in a foreign country, #typicalteen. So monumental in my life, I saved the box and wrote a note. I remember buying this thinking I was so cool because my parents didn’t know I was dying my hair pink, the irony is that my hair is naturally so dark that after dying it you couldn’t tell at all.  

Those are my highlights of this somewhat emotional time of letting go of stuff. One third of stuff in my living room was let go today…so sad but I have to remember I am moving to Hawaii- so paradise over stuff, paradise over stuff, paradise over stuff. 


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