season do change.

EMRP3413on the eve before the first day of fall we drove up to mauna kea, a dormant volcano that 4,207 m above sea level. its usually 40 or below and occasionally has snow. crazy to think, snow in hawaii but its true and since most people who live here are use to nice 76 and up weather every day to drive up here is always a shock to the system.

tonight is was 46 degrees and i felt like i was about to die, the saving grace was i was above the clouds and got to see the most beautiful sunset.

in hawaii its easy to forget about the seasons changing but its nice to remind myself that seasons do change that nothing is forever, that the process always moves. what was dead does bring forth flowers again. what was beautiful will loose its leafs. i might not get to experience the process of leaves falling but i get to remind myself mentally seasons do change.



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