October Update

In the last three months we have seen so much fruit in our ministry here in Youth with a Mission. We have seen hundreds of future missionaries be trained and equipped in prayer and worship that will effect the nations, we called and ended a 40 day fast to see a greater move of God on our campus and have been shepherding our small but mighty prayer room staff.

In April we started a ministry called “Jesus Burgers”. We started this because the Lord brought the burden and awareness to us one day when we saw the growing homeless population in Kona. We were challenged when the Lord asked us “ You work on a mission base, the nations are getting effected but what about your hometown?” We bought 200 burgers and cooked them out at the first church of Hawaii located downtown Kona. We gave out free burgers and water, had ywamers pray for the locals, homeless and tourist, we set up a stage and had a worship time and finished with night presenting the gospel to about 200 strangers and saw 40 salvations.

This September we held our 4th “Jesus Burgers” we got 400 burgers this time and saw about the same results- locals and homeless surrendering their lives to Christ. One of the most amazing testimonies we saw was a young mother who a lot of ywamers have been building relationship with. After 2 years of telling this young lady about Jesus, that night at “Jesus Burger” she gave her life to Christ! Praise the Lord.

On September 27th, over 500 future missionaries came to Kona to get training in knowing God and making Him known. It is such a privilege to see so many young people wanting to get into missions in the common goal to see Jesus get his inheritance of the nations. We held our first worship time in the Prayer Room and saw 15 students give their lives to Jesus. One girl gave this testimony: “My heels were hurting really bad and then someone prayed for me and all pain went away. I’ve never felt or known God could heal people, especially me.”

The last few months we have never been so excited and fill with faith to be apart of the prayer and missions movement. We pray these testimonies bring faith in your heart and expectance in what God is doing amongst the earth!



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