IMG_6735i love family traditions, like LOVE. i wish i had a thousand more for each holiday but sadly don’t. i also like saying i have traditions because it makes me think of fiddler on the roof “TRADITIONNNNNN, TRA-DI-TION” (love that movie). marrying a yates was a great choice because they have some of the most fun family traditions for thanksgiving.

here are a few things we do on a traditional YATESgiving.

  1. gifts; for a yates this is the holiday to exchange gifts. this year since its just the four of us we decided to make it fun and do under 5 dollars and thrift stores.
  2. breakfast casserole; mama yates has been making this casserole and orange cinnamon roles for a while and what kind of yates would we be if we didn’t serve this thanksgiving morning.
  3. cornucopias; so christmas time you have stockings and yatesgiving you have cornucopias. same thoughts except filled with chocolate coins and oranges.
  4. facetime; a newer tradition but since all the family lives far and away this is now a must.

we finished the day with a traditional “american” thanksgiving with friends surrounded by a table and full bellies. i love these traditions with all my heart and i am so thankful to be able to join a family with such creative spins on the holiday. its a good day to be a yates!


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