happy list/ 3-24-2017

1. blogging/ im back! words are cool and i plan to use them.

2. planet earth/ like how the heck are they getting those shots? i guess ten years of filming you are probably gonna catch some cool things. did anyone else see that jaguar eat the alligator…nature.

3. crockpot/ i am the worlds worse at cooking dinner. by the time i’m suppose to be cooking i’m too tired and fall asleep on the couch which leads to eat out, late night mcdonalds, tons and tons of frozen pizza. but atlas i found the magic of the crockpot.

4. guitar & songwriting/ this past year of not blogging i did something crazy, i learned a new instrument! seth got the guitar for me for our 2nd anniversary and ive been playing and writing every day since.

5. method limited edition hand soap / this is the BEST smelling hand soap ever. i will randomly wash my hands just to smell it. method, i need this in everything besides soap. like candle, laundry detergent, perfume…its seriously the best.

6. husband/ three years deep into marriage and never been happier.

7. flat white/ favorite espresso drink right now.

8. gift cards and free drinks at our local cafe/ we’ve gotten a lot recently and its been supplying my addiction to flat whites.

9. crafts! / i got a sewing machine and metal stamping kit for my birthday and christmas and its been so fun getting back into my creative  flow again.

10. you/ if you read this i am happy you read it. i’m happy you are alive. i’m happy you can read. i’m just happy for you.

heres to blogging again, life and words! yay!


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