Hello and welcome! We are the Yates and this is our little space on the web to share with friends + family about our life in Hawaii.

If you are not friends or family, then an extra welcome to you! Here is a little about us: we were neighbors in Hawaii working as full time missionaries, became best friends, fell in love and got married. We packed our lives in boxes and moved far and away to an unknown territory: California (very scary for any Texan) and then packed even smaller boxes and moved to Hawaii and BOOM, here we are full circle…of why we started this blog.

That’s the back story but here are more details if you are just dying to know who in the world are these incredible people on this incredible, well written and well designed blog, well…

He is a rockstar, freelance comedian (to her), loves any creative outlet from music to painting, is a big dreamer but is also a big doer (rare combination for the creative dreamer). He can play just about any instrument (excluding woodwinds and brass instruments but if you gave him a day he could probably figure out something).

She is usually a hot mess and is trying to figure out life still. She can say that because she is the who one really writes the blog. She loves to dream, create nothing into something, believes in the underdog and wishes to be friends with Laura Ingalls Wilder.

They love Jesus, prayer + missions, chopped (tv show), any kind of sparkling water, traveling and just about anything that involves fun…but they really love each other hence the whole covenant bond/marriage thing.



  1. Hey, you might find these things silly, but I went ahead and nominated your blog for the Infinity Dreams award. If you want more information on it, you can read my post here:


    If you’re not interested in the award, you can just see what I said about you below:

    love, yates–whose blog’s “happy lists” really and truly inspired me to look at the world in a different way.

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